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4th August 2017

Local Plan – Redhill Aerodrome Development

The headline news regarding the proposal to build a Garden Village on Redhill Aerodrome is that RAV/Thakeham Homes have dramatically increased the number of homes proposed from a potential figure of 4,500 to 6,000 – 8,000 homes. At time of writing there is no explanation as to how the figure has risen so dramatically. This follows initial information from Thakeham that the 4,500 figure may not be achievable at the site due to various land issues including flooding.

In July Tandridge District Council removed the Chaldon site from the list of sites under assessment thus there are now only four sites, including the aerodrome, under consideration.

Tandridge District Council launched a consultation on the 14th August this will be open until the 7th October. The purpose of the consultation is to give residents and representative organisations the opportunity to comment on the four sites. KRAG urge everyone to respond to this consultation particularly with reference to the aerodrome site.

The next stage in the Local Plan process is to select a site. Subsequently Council will submit their proposed Local Plan to an Inspector for examination and adoption. The plan will be accompanied by all comments received via the various consultations. It is important to note that only comments submitted via consultation will be seen by the Inspector.

The consultation includes a number of documents which will give information on each of the site(s) supplied by TDC assessment and the proposers.

In order to comply with the Link deadlines in advance of the 14th August we regret we are unable to provide any additional information regarding the content of the consultation in this article.

We cannot urge you strongly enough to ensure your views are considered and to respond to the consultation.

Updates will be posted on our web site

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Thank you

Stephen Hanks


6th June 2017

Local Plan – Redhill Aerodrome Development

Local residents and communities may wish to be aware of our current situation regarding the potential development at the airfield.

Many of you will be know that Tandridge District Council (TDC) is currently developing the Local Plan. In March this year TDC adopted a strategy which includes the desire to build a new large housing development within the district. Five sites will be considered for such a building project. These include the Redhill Airfield site for which the owners in conjunction with Thakeham Developers have produced a proposal. The site is of course within the Metropolitan Green Belt.

The proposal is styled a Garden Village. An inoffensive, soft title which TDC have adopted to describe the building of a new housing estate which is likely to be in excess of 4,000 homes.

Nutfield Parish Council (NPC) and Nutfield Conservation Society (NCS) are both working hard actively engaging with TDC to fully understand and work with them to contribute to the Local Plan process. Both organisations are committed to protect Nutfield Parish from inappropriate development and in particular to protect the Green Belt from erosion.

The single mandate for KRAG is to oppose inappropriate development at the airfield we are not (and have never been) opposed to the nature of existing flying operations. Our mandate restricts our engagement regarding the Local Plan to matters affecting the airfield site. We have submitted observations to the TDC Local Plan consultation.

At this time KRAG consider it is unnecessary to replicate the work in progress by NPC and NCS however we are maintaining liaison with both organisations. We will continue to respond to the phases of TDC Local Plan Consultation.

Subject to decisions by TDC regarding their desire for a Garden Village or if you prefer, as we do, the more realistic description a new estate of 4,000 houses KRAG will take appropriate action in accordance with our objective to oppose inappropriate development and will offer support to any other organisation similarly engaged.

Updates will be posted on our web site

KRAG membership is free if you are not already a member and wish to register please send your name, home and e mail addresses to me at

Thank you

Stephen Hanks

May 2017

Redhill Aerodrome – Taxiway Works Planning Application (RBBC 16/01043/F, TDC 2016/764)

Members will recall this first started in early 2015 when the aerodrome operators announced the intention to undertake remedial work on a taxi way which is also operated as an unlicensed runway 07/25. The intention was to carry out the work under permitted development.

Contrary to advice from the Local Planning Authorities that permitted development did not apply the aerodrome owners carried out the works without planning consent. Following considerable communication subsequently a retrospective planning application was submitted.

The majority of the works are within RBBC area and they are the lead authority. There has been considerable delay in setting a date for determination of the applications. The delay has arisen due to Surrey C.C. Highways department concerns regarding the impact of the changes on local road traffic. For unspecified reasons this has taken a considerable time to resolve.

Surrey CC, Highways, has now approved the application subject to the condition the taxiway is only used as a runway when the grass runways are unserviceable. The RBBC case officer anticipates that the application will be determined at the RBBC planning committee meeting on 14th June 2017.

TDC stand point remains that RBBC are the lead authority the next meeting for TDC planning committee is 29th June when it is likely the application will be heard.

Throughout the whole process KRAG has monitored progress and made representations to both planning authorities. We plan to attend the hearing on 14th June 2017.

We are delighted that at last this is to be resolved. We will update members with the decisions and comments of the planning committees.

Stephen Hanks.


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