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Announcement of new plannng appeal by RAV
9th June 2012

At the Redhill Aerodrome Consultative Committee Annual meeting held on Saturday 9th June 2012 the owners of Redhill Aerodrome announced that they were going to pursue yet another planning application to develop the Green Field Site with a hard runway.

They accepted that their latest plan would:

KRAG say that this plan is not acceptable and is little different from that rejected by both Tandridge District Council and Reigate & Banstead Borough Council only last year.

Regardless of what the applicant may say the facts are:

The applicant (RAV) have a history of misleading the public over the various planning applications they have submitted over the past 19 years and any statements and/or information provided by them should in our opinion be viewed with great suspicion.

KRAG secretary Paul Murray said:

"We have spent the last 19 years battling with Redhill Aerodrome Ventures over their various schemes to develop Redhill Aerodrome. This plan is very little different from the one that was rejected last year.

RAV seem more confident that this application will gain support after a close vote by Reigate & Barnstead Planning Committee last year. We believe they are working hard to improve their relationship with R & B Planning to enhance the possibility of their new plan gaining further support. RAV’s projections regarding job creation are purely speculative and primarily involve jobs being relocated from elsewhere with no net overall gain. It is completely unacceptable that planning applications are influenced in this manner, using claims that cannot be properly supported."

KRAG are working closely with other local groups including Nutfield Parish Council and Nutfield Conservation Society to oppose this application. We intend to present a united front, strengthening local opposition to this unwanted and unviable application.

CONTACT: Paul Murray 01737 822700 / 07939 243404