26th August 2013

RAV have appealed to the Government against the comprehensive rejection of their plans to develop Redhill Aerodrome. The appeal will be considered at a Public Inquiry, at a date yet to be decided.

KRAG Secretary Paul Murray said:

“This is at least the 4th time that RAV have made a planning application to build a concrete runway at Redhill Aerodrome, and at least the 3rd time they have taken the case to a Public Inquiry. This predatory company are waging a planning application war of attrition on the local population. The public expense wasted in defending the local community and the environment against planning applications that are very similar to ones that have previously been rejected is appalling.

Both of the local Planning Authorities comprehensively rejected this application earlier this year. The (RAV) plans were considered so ill conceived they did not gain the support of even 1 Councillor on either Council.

The RAV application was also examined independently by Portsmouth University Business School, who found that the proposals had substantial deficiencies. Neither the Planning Officers, or the members of the Planning Committees of Tandridge or Reigate & Banstead Councils were hoodwinked by the discredited economic information provided by the applicant. The overwhelming size of the Planning Committee majority to reject the application was a real demonstration of how this duplicitous company are viewed by both the local population and the two Planning Authorities involved.”

The Portsmouth report also did not concur that the Aerodrome will need to close if this application is not granted. RAV had stated that if permission was refused, their existing operation would be unviable and hence they would be forced to shut the Aerodrome.

Murray said:

“RAV have spent the last 20 years providing deliberately misleading information regarding the variety of planning applications they have made and the blatant bullying tactic of claiming they would close the existing operation was uncovered by the Portsmouth Report to be an outright lie.”

“We fully understand the vital economic importance of the creation of new jobs at both a local and national level. However any jobs projected by a new development need to have a chance to become REAL JOBS and not just FANTASY JOBS created with the sole intention to support a duplicitous planning application.”

It is all too easy to promise jobs that will enhance the prospects of a proposed development to be granted, BUT it does not mean that the promised jobs will ever actually materialise. RAV have a history of saying anything to enhance their prospects of developing this site, without allowing the facts get in the way of a good story. Their (recently departed) CEO Jon Horne even apologised for previous “mistakes” at the 2012 Redhill Aerodrome Consultative Committee AGM.”

The overwhelming rejection of the Redhill Aerodrome proposal by the local community is demonstrated by the Nutfield Parish Council petition against the development, in which 98% of all households in the Parish of Nutfield agreed that the planning application should be refused.

This is exactly what the Localism Act was introduced for, to enable the opinions of local people to be accurately represented by their relevant local authorities. This was demonstrated by both TDC and R&B Councils at their respective Planning Hearings and yet this hopelessly flawed planning system allows this application to be given yet another hearing, drawing yet again on the public purse.

RAV are cynically using the current flawed planning system on the basis that:

“They only have to win once”.

A planning system that operates on that basis effectively becomes totally undemocratic, as it massively favours applicants with deep pockets. The Government promote a policy of “Localism” and yet permit a planning system that operates in a contradictory manner. This cannot be a sensible or acceptable way to proceed.

KRAG are working closely with other local groups including Nutfield Parish Council, Salfords & Sidlow Parish Council and Nutfield Conservation Society to oppose this application. We are presenting a united front, strengthening local opposition against this unwanted and unviable appeal.

In conclusion Murray said:

“We actively encourage local MP’s, (Sam Gymiah and Crispin Blunt), to continue their good work in opposing this application. We also ask that Councillors at both of the affected Councils fully support their respective Planning Committees and publicly oppose this appeal, to ensure it is defeated as comprehensively as their predecessors have done over the last 20 years.”

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We urge those affected to lodge a formal objection to the application using the information that is provided on this site at this link