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KRAG Press Release - KRAG Batter Bartaby
28th October 2013

KRAG have reacted dismissively to the statement released last week by RAV CEO Ann Bartaby that she was "quietly confident" about the result of the Redhill Aerodrome Public Inquiry.

KRAG secretary Paul Murray said:

I am at a complete loss as to where her quiet confidence comes from.

She didn't look that confident earlier in the year after the 26-0 defeat she suffered at the voting of the 2 Local Authority Planning committees! She was the leading consultant for RAV at that time so the responsibility for that humiliating defeat should be laid at her door. Yet apparently she has gained confidence from it. Maybe the RAV board have (presumably quietly) given her the infamous vote of confidence!

Perhaps her quiet confidence is gained from the numerous defeats RAV have suffered in the past when the local community have defeated their plethora of planning applications? The last 4-5 Redhill Aerodrome CEO's didn't look that confident when they departed. Maybe they should fit a revolving door at the Aerodrome. If they apply for planning permission for once I promise KRAG won't object.

The key note in her statement was the admission of the formation of their plan B. We see this as just another outright threat that they will continue to plague the local community with yet another planning application to develop the Redhill Aerodrome site. It appears that KRAG's long held belief that they are waging a planning war of attrition against the community is again proven correct."

Krag have now submitted their Statement of Case, which outlines the areas that they will give evidence to the Planning Inspectorate. They are now working on their Proof of Evidence. This is due to be submitted in early December in time for the Public Inquiry that starts on 7th January 2014.

KRAG are working closely with other local groups including Nutfield Parish Council, Salfords and Sidlow Parish Council and Nutfield Conservation Society to oppose this application. We are presenting a united front, strengthening local opposition against this unwanted and unviable appeal.