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Website Update
1st December 2013

We prepared and submitted our comprehensive Proof of Evidence (PoE) in accordance with the deadline of 10th December 2013.

We subsequently received RAV's PoE. A rebuttal has been prepared and forwarded to The Inspectorate.

The Appeal Hearing will commence at 10am on Tuesday, 7th January 2014 at The Harlequin Theatre. The proceedings are scheduled to last four days.

The overwhelming majority of local residents are opposed to the application. We consider it very important to demonstrate the level of opposition to The Inspector by attendance at the hearing.

Please try and attend as frequently as you can throughout the inquiry.

Thank you for your messages of support they are greatly appreciated and inspire us in the fight to retain the green aspect of the aerodrome.

Finally please try and attend the inquiry and encourage your family, friends and neighbours to do likewise.

Thank you,

Steve Hanks


We urge those affected to lodge a formal objection to the application using the information that is provided on this site at this link