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KRAG Press Release
20th February 2014


KRAG supporters are delighted that the Planning Inspector Diane Lewis has quickly dismissed the appeal by owners RAV to develop Redhill Aerodrome.

The Inspectors full judgement is available to view or download Here

KRAG secretary Paul Murray said:

“The appeal has been refused because the proposal was judged to have been an inappropriate development within the Green Belt. This is exactly what we have always said. The failure of RAV to prove Very Special Circumstances as a means to overcome inappropriate development appears to severely restrict their options to develop the site. It is important to remember that RAV bought this site as a rural Aerodrome that was wholly situated within the Green Belt.

RAV’s persistent attempts to develop the site have placed a long running and unreasonable pressure upon the local community to defend our Green Belt against speculative development. The expense incurred by the local community has been substantial and we hope that RAV will now take a realistic view that the site cannot be developed in the manner they appear to favour.

Should they decide to make further development proposals we believe that RAV should make a serious attempt to properly engage with the local community instead of going through the minimal process of community involvement that they are required to by current planning regulations. Such an open and reasonable approach would demonstrate a genuine commitment to community involvement.”

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