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KRAG Press Release
15th April 2014


We recently received the news that RAV have lodged a further appeal against the decision of The Inspector to dismiss their appeal.

In simple terms this appeal is based on RAV's view that The Inspector made an error in her interpretation of National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). They claim the error was material in the formation of her decision to dismiss their appeal and is thus unlawful. Accordingly, in their opinion, her decision should be quashed.

The present situation is that The Treasury Solicitors will now review the original decision. They have to decide whether to support the Inspectors decision or not.

If they decide to support the decision then they will disagree with the RAV opinion and the matter will be heard by the High Court for them to decide if a mistake has been made in the interpretation of the NPPF. If they decide not to support the Inspector’s decision then RAV will apply to the High Court to quash the decision and it is likely that a new Inspector will be appointed to start the appeal process again.

There do not appear to be any statutory time limits for The Treasury Solicitors to make known their decision and at time of writing no estimates of a time scale have been forthcoming.

We will keep you informed of developments.


Steve Hanks