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KRAG Press Release
13th October 2014

The main message is the great news that the appeal was upheld and the original decision of the Inquiry Inspector to refuse RAV’s planning application was upheld.

The Secretary of State and Local Planning Authorities appeal was heard on 9th October at The Royal Courts of Justice.

The Lord Justices Sullivan, Tomlinson and Lewison heard robust argument from lawyers representing The Secretary of State and The Local Authorities.

KRAG representatives attended the hearing. It is fair to say that RAV’s argument was not well received by the Lord Justices. Their view of the quality of RAV’s reasoning may be summed up by the fact that it took the Lord Justices only five minutes of retirement to consider the matter before returning with the decision.

The matter of costs was raised. Lord Justice Sullivan directed that the Treasury Solicitors and RAV legal representatives should discuss the matter out of court and report back to him. At the time of writing no further information has been received.

RAV do have the right to take the matter to The Supreme Court. However in view of the critical nature of the comments made by The Lord Justices it is considered unlikely they will take this course of action. This view appears to be endorsed by Redhill Aerodrome CEO Anne Bartaby’s reply to the press when asked if they would appeal responded "I shall not be recommending that route"

KRAG trusts that RAV and their legal advisers will take this sound advice of their own CEO and finally bring to an end this long running and ill conceived development plan which has wasted public money and caused local communities worry and concern for an extended period.

KRAG are delighted that the decision endorses the Government clear policy to protect the Green Belt.

KRAG wish to take this opportunity to say thank you our MEP Keith Taylor and our Local MP’s, Sam Giymah and Crispin Blunt who throughout the fight have given their support to our cause. We wish to thank both Local Authorities also Nutfield and Salford & Sidlow Parish Councils with whom we have, yet again, worked to defeat another of RAV’s detrimental development plans.

May we also thank you the KRAG supporters for your continued endorsement of our objective to Keep Redhill Airfield Green and particularly for your messages of encouragement and support. Not to mention your financial donations.

The full decision will be handed down within the next few weeks and will be posted on our website.

KRAG will continue to send any updates or information direct to our supporters and publish such information on our website

Stephen Hanks