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Reigate & Banstead Borough Council DMP, Regulation 19 Consultation
26th February 2018

KRAG have submitted a comprehensive response to RBBC's proposal to safeguard the parcel of land, styled SAS1, comprising of the land on the aerodrome within RBBC's border and land to the west of the aerodrome. The full report may be found on our web site.

TDC have not provided a date for the announcement of their selected site to develop a garden village. Spring/summer is the only information given to date. In a similar vein they are unable to indicate when the (Regulation 19) consultation on the draft local plan will be run.

Applications for information regarding the content of meetings and TDC actions associated with the Local Plan process have been made their responses are awaited.

The Planning Policy Committee is scheduled to meet on 15th March 2018. This committee have a role in the site selection process. A standing agenda item includes documents containing updates and recommendations from the local plan team to the committee councillors.

The agenda and documents are published on the TDC web site 7 days in advance of the meeting. We shall monitor the agenda documents and react to any information as appropriate. Public attendance to observe the meeting is permitted.

Two recent developments are of relevance to decisions regarding Redhill Aerodrome as a housing development site;

The Biggin Hill (BH) Airport MD has announced the withdrawal of low end categories of general aviation (GA) operations. These are of a type typically operated at Redhill Aerodrome (RA). Liaison between BH and RA has taken place and agreement made, in principle, for RA to take on some of the departing operations. This may include relocation of some businesses as well as GA flying. This will have implications to add to the income/viability of RA.

Closely allied to the above is recognition at Government level that GA aerodromes are closing often as a result of owners seeking to exploit the land for development (does that sound familiar?). Government recognise the importance of GA and in a number of ways are seeking to put in place policy to protect/preserve existing facilities. In the South East RA is of particular importance. The All Parties Parliamentary Group on GA responded to the RBBC consultation their response summarises the situation. A copy is on our web site.

KRAG continue to persevere to oppose inappropriate development at the aerodrome and thank you for your support.

Stephen Hanks
26th February 2018

Download the response from the APPG on Aviation » Download the RBBC response to KRAG »