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Reasons to object to the plans to build a hard runway at Redhill Aerodrome

Below are some reasons that may assist you in writing a letter of objection concerning the planning application to build a hard runway at Redhill Aerodrome.

Please feel free to cut and paste or re-word any of the paragraphs you feel represent your own views, adding any other comments that are important to you and/or you think are appropriate.

The application has been submitted to 2 different Planning Authorities; please select the information below that is appropriate to your home address.

Director of Planning
Tandridge District Council
Council Offices
Station Road East

Re: Tandridge Planning Application TA/2012/1027 – Redhill Aerodrome

Director of Planning
Reigate & Banstead Borough Council
Town Hall
Castlefield Road

Re: Reigate & Banstead Planning Application 12/01377/F – Redhill Aerodrome

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to register my objection to the above planning application. My reasons are as follows.

GREEN BELT: The site lies within the existing Metropolitan Green Belt, a fact even accepted by the applicants. There are no “very special circumstances” to justify overturning existing green belt policy and permitting this proposal to proceed.

INCREASED NOISE: Due to the nature of the current grass runway operation of Redhill based fixed wing aircraft, local residents are currently afforded a considerable element of respite from noise generated by the facility during winter months. This was accepted as an important fact at the 1994 Redhill Aerodrome Public Inquiry. The proposal will destroy this.

INCREASED LIGHT: Because of the nature of the proposed development there will be an increase in the amount of light generated by the proposed facility which will be detrimental to the rural area that it is situated in.

HOURS OF OPERATION: The increased hours of operations will cause considerable disturbance to local residents. This is unacceptable.

NOT SUSTAINABLE: There is no evidence that there is a requirement for the proposed facility and on this basis it is not a sustainable development.

TRAFFIC GENERATION: do not believe that the proposed facility will not have a negative traffic impact on the country roads surrounding the aerodrome.

JOBS: do not believe that the new jobs that the applicant claim will be created will actually be achieved as no supporting evidence has been provided.

A similar proposal to this was rejected last year and I urge you in to treat this application in the same way. I urge you in the strongest possible terms to reject this application.

Yours sincerely